Thursday, August 6, 2009

We're back!!!!

So, I've been MIA, but for good reason. I would love to introduce my precious gift from God...


My angel came to our family on June 29, 2009. I am so blessed and love my three little pumpkins! Prince (4), Pumpkin (2), and Princess

Here are some shots from the first few days!!!

My boys


The family


Meeting their little sister


Going home


I have been totally consumed with the kiddos and following other blogs.

Then, I had a visit on Sunday from my hubby's cousins and they put some pep in my step. They were looking at my hair products and got so excited. They bought a ton, ordered some more, and are going to peddle my wears at their dance studios!!!!! Yeah!!!! Clearly I should be more outspoken about my SAHM business! fact is, I am shy about it. I have such a big family and i never talk about what I am doing. I need to "grow a set" and share!!!!

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