Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A New Year...A New Idea

So, the holiday season is wrapping up and I am still here in Lego H E double hockey sticks. I had an epiphany. After a long discussion and many long nights the week before Christmas, I have decided that I will rectify the "Here comes Christmas, so I don't get sleep because I have so much to do season" Are you with me???? Well, over the next year I am doing two things to solve that problem. plus, I am going to throw in one more "to Do" for giggles.

First, I am going to purchase one gift a month for the year for the adults that we lavish Christmas love with. We have a very large family and I am often at a loss for what to get the adults. Well, starting in January, I will knock one special person after another off of my list. There are many (about half of my list) that I could go out today and cross off my list. To defray some costs, I will start with those ones and purchase (or make) one gift a month.

Second, I will be making many of my gifts for all the small ones this year. I will break those gifts down by month as well.

And last, for giggles, I am going to declutter my home this year. You guested it, one month at a time. One month per room and then throw in some paper clutter and odds in ends into that mix too.

Lucky for you (my nonexistent followers/readers!) I am going to blog it all! Pics, tutorials, crazy before pics and all! BRING ON 2010! I am not scared! I am excited. And then perhaps next December, I will be able to take in the season the way it was supposed to be.

This will also help me post more often!!! Yeah!!

So, first room on the list is my family room. I just purchased a great dresser/buffet from the good ole' Good Will. I then marched over to HD and bought myself one of those great spray guns

and some "made famous in blog land" heirloom white, warm grey, and canyon black spray paint. I can't wait !!!! When this weather warms up, I will grab the sander and start!!! Check back!